Services and Price List

  1. Acupuncture Initial Treatment
    1.5 hours $125
    This treatment is necessary for all first-time patients seeking acupuncture. It includes
    extra time for the consultation, to provide an in depth medical, health, and lifestyle
    review prior to treatment. This detailed intake provides the information to build a
    treatment plan specific to your needs.
  2. Acupuncture Follow-up Treatment
    1 hour $85
    This treatment builds upon previous acupuncture treatments of returning patients and
    therefore requires a shorter consultation, where similar treatment or slight modifications
    will be made.
  3. Fire Cupping
    45minutes $75
    This treatment is for first time or returning patients seeking cupping therapy.
  4. Deluxe Treatment
    1.5 hour $125
    This treatment is for returning patients would want acupuncture and fire cupping or
    guasha treatments combined as one.
  5. Acupressure Massage
    1hour $85
    This treatment includes the stimulation of acupuncture points, but without the needles.
    The points are stimulated using hand manipulations and can be used for relaxation, a pain
    condition, digestion issues, oedema, and more.
  6. Guasha
    45 minutes $75
    This treatment includes a scrapping massage technique with a guasha tool to bring Qi (energy) and blood to the area of pain for healing.

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