Medical Foot Care

Medical Foot Care        $80

Advanced Foot Care Nurses are trained to provide a full professional assessment of the foot, identify potential foot health problems, and provide appropriate care.


Toenail Care (trimming and filing)

Fungal toenail thickness reduction

Diabetic foot care

Corn and callus removal/reduction

Skin care

Ingrown toenail care and prevention

Education for ongoing self-care and selection of appropriate footwear

Who should see a Foot care nurse ?

Anyone with a health concern, or foot related health issue. Many foot care clients share these common health conditions (but not limited to): Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Peripheral Arterial Disease and wounds.

Is Nursing Foot Care covered under my insurance policy ?

Many insurance policies do cover Nursing Foot Care. Contact your insurance provider to clarify your coverage.


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